Our license

What stage are we at on the process of compliance

Our license

What stage are we at on the process of compliance

We set October as our start

September will have tuition, homework and headstart sessions

Obeying the Portuguese regulations,

From day one, our aim was to greet our inaugural students at the start of the 2023 academic year in September. Despite intense efforts to meet this deadline, the timing of our media releases and enrolment processes has had to be delayed, primarily due to the stringent, but necessary requirements set by the DGE, the Portuguese Ministry of Education in Lisbon, and DGESTE, its regional counterpart in the Algarve. 

Our duty to be compliant has kept the project under wraps, and for good reasons. Our regular meetings with the Camara have shown how important it is, in their eyes and ours, to respect the legal guidelines set by the Portuguese government. Doing so not only guarantees academic excellence for our students but also creates a solid legal foundation for our school to be built on.

Ultimately, as an officially recognized educational institution, we will be positioned to leverage the benefits that accompany the status and extend them to our community.

Preparing in September, for an October start.

Starting our school year in September would compromise our commitment to delivering  the standard of education we are holding ourselves too. In order to maintain that, enrolments for this academic year will see students formally beginning their Curriculums in October and concluding them in June.

However until then, all enrolled students will take part in the Tuition’s center activities by attending the sessions with their designated subject teachers.

"Beginning in October allows us to prepare the final touches before the opening. Students will receive support and lessons from our teachers on their chosen subjects in Morning and Afternoon sessions. Between the homework, lessons and resources available, we'll make sure their September is put to good use."

So, when cometh the License?

Ongoing meetings and recent developments with the respective entities has signaled that October holds something special for us, to this end we prepare for our official start in Q4 of 2023.

At Montalvo, our aim is to deliver quality education, to raise the standards and implement the structure needed to ensure our students’ success. Despite the delays, we are committed to the values we hold and objectives we’ve set. 

We are excited to begin working on your dreams.