Meet our Team of Educators

Our initial team starts small but full of enthusiasm to begin the new academic year

Meet our Team of Teachers

Our initial team starts small but full of enthusiasm to begin the new academic year

Who are our Educators?

We come from all corners, but share a passion

The team is getting prepared.

Our teaching staff at Montalvo International School is comprised of individuals of diverse backgrounds, making for a truly multicultural array of educational professionals. Their collective professional experience extends beyond the classroom, enriching the educational experience of our students. Despite their varied backgrounds, a common thread that unites them is their profound love for teaching and dedication to delivering lessons that are engaging, meaningful, and leave a lasting impact.

Walter Mendonça - Biology and Business

Walter has been teaching in the Algarve since 2016 after concluding his preliminary studies. Having helped found a school in 2019, he aims to select the best practices from his past experiences, to ensure Montalvo is the school he always envisioned it to be.

Andy Hargrave - Business and Economics

Andy is an experienced Economics and Business teacher who has worked on a wide range of A Level-equivalent qualifications in the UK and overseas.
As an Economics examiner in A level and equivalent qualifications, Andy can provide appropriate guidance to students preparing for exams. 

Rob Colbert - Geography and Citizenship

24 years’ experience teaching in England and working at senior management level before moving to Portugal.  Rob is passionate about students reaching their potential and leaving education ready to be an active member of a global society.

Petro Snyman - Physics and Chemistry

Petro has over 22 years of experience in teaching – both in South Africa in Public and Private Schools and the United Arab Emirates, and has taught the OBE, NQF, CAPS, IEB and Cambridge Curriculums.


Maria Rebelo - French and Portuguese

Maria Rebelo is our resident Portuguese and French teacher. She has extensive experience in both Language and Literary aspects of the subjects. She sees herself as one to work with all students to ensure they perform at their best.

Tânia Seruca - Psychology

Tânia's passion in Psychology can be seen by her extensive studies in the area, one where she holds a Doctorate degree with a specialty in Psychobiology. Tânia  has had experience teaching Psychology to both students and adults in schools and Universities. 

Joe Ajuwa

Prior to discovering his passion for teaching and coaching teams of teenagers and young adults, Joe was a professional rugby player, taking part in at least 7 different teams in the UK. Besides the physicality in sport, Joe wishes to show the importance of discipline, respect and self evaluation in his lessons.

Yvette Stembridge - Biology

Yvette Stembridge is a South African who moved to Portugal two years ago. She holds various degrees which include: BCUR Education, BCUR Administration, BA Nursing Science, BA Theology and MA in the Philosophy, Science and Theology of Religion.

She loves being able to help facilitate a student's journey as they grow and develop their knowledge.

Carlos Mujica - Spanish

Carlos' one of the biggest passion is to teach and encourage students to involve in the lovely path of knowledge. More than 10 years experience teaching in several south and Central America countries. Spanish and English teacher with bachelor degree, journalist and professional broadcaster. Besides, he has finished a Master degree from the Atlántico university in Spain.