Admissions Process

What year groups are available for our inaugural academic year of 2023/2024?

Admissions process

What years are available in our first academic year of 2023/2024?

Enrolments open for Year 9, 10 and 12

We'll support you with your chosen qualifications.

Year 9, among other years, marks an important moment in students’ academic journey. At this point, most students take their first significant international examination, the Foundation Maths iGCSE. Some students might also use the opportunity to take exams in English and even in their native languages, laying the groundwork for future academic successes.

While the iGCSE curriculum typically begins in Year 10, we firmly believe in the value of early preparation. With the appropriate level of guidance, resources and teaching support, as well as the correct mindset, environment, and structured, we  can start nurturing our students’ academic foundations in Year 9. This dedicated focus on preparation extends until Year 13, culminating in their A Level qualifications.

"As educators, we need sufficient time and resources to adequately equip our students for A Levels, which test a broad spectrum of skills beyond simple knowledge absorption. Developing skills such as essay writing, argument analysis, application of knowledge, evaluation, and critical thinking are of paramount importance for their A Level success."

Your preparation is extremely important to us

Recognizing that each phase of the learning journey requires enough time for our students to become comfortable with their respective subjects, this approach allows us as a school, alongside our teachers and students, to celebrate shared successes. A Levels, renowned for their comprehensive nature and demanding standards, serve as a true measure of a student’s proficiency in their chosen subjects.

For these reasons, and for our sense of responsibility to provide excellence in education, we will not be opening enrolments for Year 11 and Year 13 in our first year.

Grade 9, Age 13

iGCSE can be begun with selective preparatory work established in Year 9 such as Foundation Level Maths

Grade 10-11, Ages 14-15

iGCSE options and the full curriculum begins in Year 10 with all exams to be taken by the end of Year 11.

AS/A Levels
Grades 12-13, Ages 16-17

A Levels are the culmination of British International Education. They're taken over a span of 2 years and prepare students for their post school life.