International A Levels

The last stage of British International Education

International A Levels (IAL)

The final step of your schooling journey

Your way into college

Choosing your A Levels correctly is paramount to having a smoother transition into higher education

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Welcome to the Advanced Level (A Level) courses at Montalvo International School, also known as Sixth Form or Key Stage 5. This stage, designed for students aged 16-18, marks the culmination of secondary education in our British international education system. A Levels represent a significant milestone in the students’ educational journey, usually serving as a decisive factor in University admissions.

At Montalvo, our A Level curriculum offers a range of subjects, still to grow, allowing students to pursue areas of particular interest or those relevant to their desired university course or career path. By focusing on fewer subjects than at GCSE level, students have the opportunity to dive deeper into these areas, enhancing their understanding and preparing them for University-level study.

"Understanding the significant investment A Levels represent, we offer a dynamic fee structure at Montalvo. This structure scales according to the number of A Levels each student opts to undertake, offering families a level of financial flexibility while still ensuring access to high-quality education."

. . . to make your A Level progression as smooth as possible.

Edexcel, the provider of our IALs, offers a unique advantage by allowing a modular approach to examinations. This modular system enables students to sit exams for individual units rather than needing to cover the entire syllabus in one exam session. The result is a more manageable study plan and less stressful examination periods, which contributes to better overall performance and a more positive student experience.

A Levels at Montalvo International School are crucial for university entrance. Our dedicated staff work closely with students to guide them through university applications, providing invaluable support during this critical period. Moreover, our students leave Montalvo equipped with the skills, knowledge, and resilience needed for university studies and beyond.

We are excited to begin working on your dreams.

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A minimum of 3 students in an option subject is required to allow the course to go ahead.

IAL Pure Maths 1

IAL Mechanics 1

IAL Statistics 1

A Level French

A Level German

A Level Spanish

IAL Biology 1

IAL Chemistry 1

IAL Physics 1

IAL Economics 1

A Level Psychology

A Level Geography

IAL Business 2

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All specifications have been made available for download by clicking on the image. The specification details the study materials and will give you an idea of what content will be included in each subject for your 2 years.