International General Certificate of Education (iGCSEs)​

Choose your subjects and get the support you need to tackle these qualifications

International General Certificate of Education (iGCSEs)​

Choose your subjects and get the support you need to tackle these qualifications

Your turn to choose your Subjects

Students should pick 3 option subjects from our list of available qualifications

Preparations for your iGCSE's begin here,

Welcome to Key Stage 4 at Montalvo International School, an important  phase of our British international education system, designed for students aged 14-16 in Year 10 and Year 11. These years are pivotal as students begin their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (iGCSE) studies, which serve as a crucial stepping-stone towards A Level qualifications and future academic endeavors.

At Key Stage 4, we continue to uphold a balanced and rigorous curriculum. However, it becomes more specialized, focusing on subjects that students choose according to their interests and future aspirations. The curriculum ensures students gain a deeper understanding of each subject, fostering both academic excellence and personal growth.

" KS4 Students at Montalvo International School are required to study Mathematics, English Language, Literature, Portuguese, and the three Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This combination ensures a solid foundation in core academic disciplines and prepares them for future academic success. Portuguese is included because we want them to learn the language and integrate"

 Additionally, students have the freedom to select three optional subjects from a range that includes, but is not limited to, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish and Mandarin), Art and Design, Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies and Psychology. This opportunity allows students to delve into areas of particular interest or relevance to their future career paths.

. . . and so do the foundations of your A Levels.

The iGCSE years are particularly significant as they provide an essential foundation for the A Levels. The skills and knowledge gained during these years, such as critical thinking, independent study, and time management, prepare students for the demanding academic rigour of the A Levels. Adding to this, the subject choices made at this stage often guide students’ decisions regarding A Level subjects and future university courses – this way, we believe our entrance exam and initial diagnostic analysis will help students pick their subjects efficiently in accordance to personal preference as well as taking into account possible future endeavors.

Key Stage 4 at Montalvo International School is a time of academic, personal, and social development. It’s a phase where students start carving their own unique academic journeys, shaping their futures while supported by our dedicated staff every step of the way.

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A minimum of 3 students in an option subject is required to allow the course to go ahead.

iGCSE Maths A (9-1)​T

iGCSE Accounting (9-1)

iGCSE English Language A (9-1)

iGCSE English Language A (9-1)

iGCSE English Language A (9-1)

iGCSE Biology (9-1)

iGCSE Chemistry A (9-1)

iGCSE Physics (9-1)

iGCSE Economics (9-1)

iGCSE Geography (9-1)

iGCSE History (9-1)

iGCSE Business (9-1)

iGCSE Computer Science (9-1)

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All specifications have been made available for download by clicking on the image. The specification details the study materials and will give you an idea of what content will be included in each subject for your 2 years.