Key Stage 3 at Montalvo

Enter the iGCSEs with a headstart by tackling material early in Year 9

Key Stage 3 at Montalvo

Take the lead and prepare for your iGCSEs early

Building the foundations right

Our aim is for you to sit at least 3 iGCSEs by the end of year 9

Your A Level and iGCSE success begins here.

Key stage 3 begins in Year 7 and ends in Year 9 and it is designed for students aged 11-14. At Montalvo, we will take enrolments for the final year of KS3, Year 9.  This year holds particular significance within the Key Stage where it serves as a pivotal period where students begin preparing for their GCSEs. Throughout the year, we start introducing elements of the GCSE syllabus across various subjects. We identify several advantages to this:

Students in Year 9 will study the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (Geography and History), Languages, Art and Design, Technology, Physical Education, and Computing. By the end of Year 9, students will be taking 3 iGCSE’s: Foundation Maths, English and a Science subject of their choosing.

"In this stage, content delivery is our focus, while also developing essential skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.  We also lay the foundation for students to become independent learners, in preparation for their GCSE studies and beyond."

Firm foundations, open opportunities.

More than just a bridge between primary education and GCSEs, Year 9 is when students start to think about their academic and career pathways. With careful guidance from our dedicated staff, students are encouraged to explore potential GCSE subjects and future career interests, which will ultimately shape their personalized study programme in the years to come.

Let's prepare the basis of your Secondary academic path