Our roadmap

What's been, what is and what's on it's way

Our roadmap

What's been, what is, and what's on the way

Getting here wasn't . . .

an easy task. a simple undertaking. a walk in the park. done overnight.

The M.Int.S. idea lights up like a light bulb for the first time.

The idea of an excellent school for students, teachers and parents alike in the Algarve, is born. Initially the "M" stood for "Mendonça", but recently was changed to "Montalvo", Walter's original birth Middle name.

October 2019

The M.Int.S. idea is revisited.

After two years of being in the backburner, the dream comes back and this time it had to be driven to conception. 2 years of lessons, experiences and learning opportunities would prove invaluable to understanding how best to implement an International School in Portugal.

October 2021

The first meeting with the Regional Ministry of Education (DGESTE).

The first step into successfully setting up the school involves the start of a strong relationship with the Regional Ministry of Information. In the Algarve, this governmental body can be found in Faro.

February 2022

After visiting several locations, Montalvo's first site is chosen.

To find our ideal site, many visits were conducted. This option was promising but location and future growth potential limited its attractiveness.

April 2022

The initial groundworks begin to take place in Loulé.

The location is beautiful but a lot of work needs to be done to bring it up to scratch for the big opening. At a point in time, let's say we were floored with all the work!

June 2022

Nautilus's 1st arrival.

From the beginning our values laid in providing the best education to our students. We believe, functional, durable and quality furniture is included in this vision.

August 2022

Montalvo Tuition shows face for a while.

While the school license is progressing, Montalvo Tuition is set in place to provide students with the support they need. The plan is to run the Tuition center up to 2 years until M.Int.S. would be operational.

September 2022

Our first Interactive Promethean Board!

We want to embrace the digital age in an unprecedented manner in the Algarve. Our students are the professionals of tomorrow and their resources and tools they use today, should serve this purpose.

October 2022

Extra-curricular Lessons were underway!

Here we see Craig Rogers, our Photography teacher outlining the importance of aperture and "F" values when composing your shots.

November 2022

Visit to Nautilus's showroom in Porto.

The visit to Nautilus's cutting edge factory showed us what the future of schooling is meant to look like.

March 2023

The process is in the Câmara!

This wasn't an easy milestone but we're here now. The only thing left to do would be to wait, but even now, alternatives, options and workarounds are being developed to ensure the school opens this academic year.

June 2023

The painting is done!

With a new coat of paint and an updated, clean exterior, we now stand proud, within the center the Loulé. It's bigger than it looks and will hold many surprises as we move into the year.

July 2023