Our proposition

What will Montalvo do differently?

Our Proposition

What will Montalvo do differently?

Our aim is to:

1) Raise the standards.

Because our students deserve it. Because our students deserve it. Because our students deserve it. Because our students deserve it. They really do.

At Montalvo International School, we’ve commited ourselves to creating an enabling learning environment where we aim to maintain high standards and make good on our promise of improving the level of education in the Algarve. 

2) Teach them how to think.

Rather than only what to think. Rather than only what to think.

Our philosophy is not only to provide knowledge but also to develop critical thinking, analytical abilities, and a love for learning. Our teachers, experts in their respective fields, understand the importance of employing engaging lessons that call for student input and group discussion to help develop their own minds.

3) Keep the class sizes small.

To reach each and every one.

We recognize the importance of personalized attention, we maintain small class sizes where we average 12 to 14 per classroom. Our teachers can devote time to understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing a more tailored learning experience.

4) Embrace technology,


At Montalvo we believe that in today’s digital age, being fluent with technology is as essential as literacy and numeracy. Thus, with innovative educational tools, we can enrich our students’ learning experience, boost engagement, and prepare them for the technologically advanced world they will step into. 

5) Integrate with the Portuguese community.

Via the Montalvo Partnership Program.

A connection with the local Portuguese community can only benefit us as a school, as well as our students. Education extends beyond classroom walls and should  involve the community. Our partnership program will see students, parents and teachers receiving benefits from local establishments. 

6) Teach them independence.

So they can achieve their dreams.

At Montalvo International School, we hope to create a culture where students are not just learners but thinkers, creators, and active contributors to our community. Our mission goes beyond academic achievement; we aim to shape well-rounded individuals ready for a diverse and changing world. We warmly invite you to discover the unique educational experience that Montalvo International School aims to offer.